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Air Guitar

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Product Description

Rock Out Like a True Guitar Hero!

OK, maybe you’ll get around to mastering the real thing someday, maybe not. Either way, you can get started on your road to rock stardom today with the Air Guitar! You’ve awed crowds with your sensational air guitar skills before – now let them hear what you’re really made of! The Air Guitar turns your air tunes into real rock before their eyes and ears.

Be The Rock Star You Were Born To Be!

Now, you can use the Air Guitar to play one of 10 pre-recorded songs, but where’s the fun in that? Go freestyle and really let your inner rock star shine! Bang on the fretboard with one hand while you strum maniacally with the other. The Air Guitar has built-in lasers that will pick up on your frantic strumming, finally letting free those sweeping rock anthems that have always been swirling around in your head! It comes in assorted colors, the color will be chosen at random. So, go on – be the rock star you were born to be!

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Dimensions 7 x 9 cm