Atheist Stocking


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Product Description

  • FInally a stocking for atheists
  • Hang it over a fireplace filled with hell fire
  • Celebrate the holidays with the truth
  • Stocking shows the big bang and evolution
  • Color: Green/Red/White
  • Size: 16 inches

Celebrate The Facts Around The Holidays With Atheist Stockings

Atheism is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. In the age of the internet, facts are too hard to ignore and the holes in many religion’s stories become larger. Atheists are often painted to be evil individuals with no ruler or overseer in their lives. That’s probably what they like about atheism in the first place but they aren’t evil. They like to celebrate the season of giving and who doesn’t like all the festivities that go on? The non-religious aren’t heartless, just practical. This is why an atheist stocking isn’t a complete abomination of any religious celebration, just a kind hearted joke.

Give This Stocking To An Atheist You Love

Atheists are rarely silent about their beliefs. The realization to forego religion and become an atheist often comes from a very meaningful realization about independence. This is why every atheist who receives this stocking is sure to hang it over their fireplace. A fireplace filled with hell fire no doubt, but don’t remind them of that, they’re fine with it and probably aren’t looking for any input.

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