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2 Awesome Styles! Hypnotizing Black Face with Synthetic leather and canvas strap While this watch can’t take you back in time, it does create the illusion that time is running backwards. The numbers on each 1-1/4″ (3.2 cm) round clock face are arranged counterclockwise and the hands all move counterclockwise as well. Mesmerizing concentric circle design has a great geeky/sci-fi feel. Leather strap, metal casing. Fits most adult wrists. This backwards watch is a great prank to ensure your friends go absolutely bonkers. Is your friend a ‘Mister or Misses know it all?’ If so, this watch will bring you heaps of laughter and time flying entertainment! Watch how baffled they become when you give them this hilarious backwards watch! It appears to look like a standard watch but when you look closely you will be fooled, so you can easily confuse your friends! Not only do the numbers appear backwards but in actual fact the hour, minute and the second hand turns anti-clockwise so they will be there for hours trying to figure out the time! (Just make sure you’re not in a rush to go anywhere!!!) With an outer canvas strap the watch looks cool and modern, and as the inside strap is made from synthetic leather it maximizes comfort so it can be worn on a daily basis, but that’s only if your friend can get the hang of telling the time!

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