Bacon Bandages


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Product Description

Mmmmmmmm Bacon

Cuts suck. We’ve all gotten them and it happens way more often than it should. But nobody likes to use a Band-Aid. They’re kind of wussy. Not like you, you’re manly. That’s why you need to get Bacon Bandages

Each pack of Bacon Bandages comes with 15 Band-Aids which look like little slabs of your favorite meat! No longer will you feel like a loser when you cut your face shaving. Instead it gives you a chance to look awesome by wearing a piece of bacon for all to see! Plus each tin comes with a FREE Toy inside! Whoa, what a day! The Bacon Bandages make great gifts for bacon lovers and are a much more fun alternative to boring old Band-Aids!

  • Bandage Measurements: 3” x 1″
  • Contains 15 Bacon Bandages
  • Looks Like BACON!!!
  • Comes with a FREE Toy!

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