Battery Operated Mirror Ball Motor


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Product Description

Battery-operated motor for use with mirror balls up to 12″ in diameter. Unit length measures approximately 7-8″ from end of the hanging hook to the hook that holds the ball. Battery Operated Mirror Ball Motor Features:

  • Mirror ball hook
  • Motor housing
  • Battery holder
  • Hanger
  • Rotate at about 4 RPMs
  • Motor can hold up to 6 lbs. Recommended for up to 12″ mirror balls.
The battery operated mirror ball motor has a nice easy to use design. It can run for around 32 hours of continuous use. The design also makes it easy and quick to replace the battery, you don’t need to go find a screw driver every time you need to replace the battery. Instead you just push it open and remove the battery then replace the old one and align it back up. It is small, easy to move around and can be hung from almost anywhere. Since it can support up to 6 lbs it is also a good way to display other small items that you may want to show off, say in front of a store window to attract customers. The hanger also makes it very versatile because you are not forced to mount it on anything with screws or any kind of permanent set up; as long as whatever you set it up on can support the weight it is good to go.

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