BBQ Branding Iron With Changeable Letters


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Product Description

A Customizable Brand For Your BBQ

How many times have you had a big party in the summer, everyone’s in the back yard hanging out, you’re cooking up some burgers and steaks — and somebody complains about how you cooked their order or mixed it up with someone else’s? Instead of screaming at them for questioning your grill skills, get this BBQ Branding Iron With Changeable Letters and label the food.

Mark Your Meat Like a Man

The brand comes with 52 customizable letters and spaces, so there’s plenty of characters to make each piece of meat for every character at your next barbecue get-together. Replace the confusion and anger with fun and laughter today!

  • Customizable brand
  • Comes with 52 letters and spaces

Additional Information

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Dimensions 5 x 22 cm