Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet


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Product Description

  • Prepare yourself for horse head-ception
  • Freak your friends out with a hand puppet of a guy wearing a horse head mask
  • It’s like someone took you, and made you into a hand puppet
  • A well-attired horse man for a well-manicured hand

Horse Heads and Horse Heads

Maybe you’re already on board with the new horse head craze. That’s great! But if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. One horse head just isn’t going to cut it anymore – so before you put on your own horse head mask, slip this Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet on. It’s double the horsing around!

That’s One Well-Dressed Horse Man

This creepy horse man isn’t horsing around, though. He’s dressed for success, done up in a suit and tie and ready to get down to business. He’ll fit right in at the office, so you can bug your co-workers to no end. He’ll be peeking over cubicles, poking out from behind corners, and generally making a mess of the break room. The best part is, no one will be able to say anyone’s in violation of the dress code! This hand puppet will be the bane of joy-killing bosses everywhere.

Weird Out Your Friends With the Strangest Hand Puppet Ever

Hand puppets are already pretty weird. If you’re rocking a hand puppet in front of your friends, you’re probably already getting some sideways glances. So, milk those sideways glances for all they’re worth with the Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet. As far as hand puppets go, this is by far one of the strangest, and is sure to make your friends either double over with laughter or sidle towards the exit. Pair it up with your horse head mask, and you’re going to get plenty of raised eyebrows, too – which is perfect. The more freaked out they are, the more entertaining it is for you!

Additional Information

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Dimensions 5 x 7 cm