Creepy Pig Mask


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Product Description

This Creepy-Looking Pig is Out for Revenge

This is the story of a pig. This pig grew up on a farm. He enjoyed his time on that farm with his pig family, eating slop and rolling around the mud. You know, pig things. He had a good life, until one day his loved ones started to disappear one by one, only to reappear on breakfast and dinner plates as slices of bacon, hunks of ham and porkchops. This pig has had enough. With the Creepy Pig Mask, become a hell-bent hog on the path of revenge, ready to avenge his lost friends and family with his demented and angry glare. This mask will strike fear in the hearts of meat-lovers everywhere.

  • Made of latex
  • Doesn’t taste like bacom
  • Great costume idea

Additional Information

Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 5 x 7 cm