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CyberTrek Watch

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Product Description

Cyborg robots that trekked the stars from far in the future have traveled back in time leaving behind their cool watches for the world to see. More than meets a cyborg eye when transforming your soft human exterior into hardened viper-like geek steel with the Cybertrek Watch. People everywhere will bask in the radiating red fire and blue ice eye shaped face that oscillates with pure bright led light. This cool watch for sale is for the next generation of science fiction watch fanatics like you. Each time you turn it on, your sci-fi friends will be in awe, drooling as its futuristic glow emerges from the panel so bright it looks awesome in day or night. The state of the art watch band is constructed from 12 dark stainless steel hexagon segments than can be adjusted to the wrist of most robots and humans. The face is powered by long life LED that will last 100,000 hours of use powered by 2 CR2016 Batteries that are pre installed. How to tell the time? When you press the button, there are 12 blue lights, one light for each hour. The are also 12 red lights, each one represents 5 minute increments. In the center are 4 lights, each representing 1 minute. Add them all up and you got the time. But who cares about the time when you got something on wrist thats like this cool watch. SET YOUR PHASERS ON KILL – EVERY GEEK IS GOING TO WANT TO TAKE THIS COOL WATCH FROM YOU

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Dimensions 2 x 4.5 cm