Digital Destruction Watch


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Product Description

Break Free From the Past!

There is no question that the past is important; it shapes who we are both as individuals as well as a society. We learn from the past to build a better future. But holding onto old ways and refusing to modernize will often only slow you down and set you back. Advance to the future with the Digital Destruction Watch! This breathtaking, museum quality watch is a digital watch that appears to be breaking out from under an old analogue watch!

Welcome to the Digital Age!

Say goodbye to your old analogue watch and make way for the digital age! The hands of the analog watch move freely on top of the dial because they are sandwiched between two glass crystals. As the old watch appears broken, the digital watch shines bright with its LCD screen! The time is displayed in military style 24 hour format! This gorgeous watch is made of a natural brushed stainless steel and comes complete with a black leather band. This brand new watch is a must have for watch enthusiasts or anyone looking for a unique watch unlike any out there!


  • Unisex Watch
  • Diameter: 40mm (1.57″)
  • Height: 9.4mm (0.37″)
  • Band width: 20mm (0.75′)
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Material: Leather

Additional Information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 2 x 11 cm