Dineink Cubicle Pen Cap Dining Utensils


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Product Description

Cubicle Cuisine Connoisseurs, Rejoice!

Do you constantly find yourself stuck at the office during dinner? Dineink Cubicle Pen Cap Dining Utensils are perfect for you. They’re a set of ordinary stickpens that do double duty as handy dining tools. You’ll never have to worry about utensils again!

They’re food-safe, reusable and they’ll stand-up to the test of the most delicious office takeout you can muster. It’s time to chow down. You don’t have to suppress the urge to chew your pen cap anymore — use your time chewing something that’s actually edible.

  • Comes with three(3) pens
  • Each pen comes with both original caps and utensil caps

Additional Information

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Dimensions 5 x 8 cm