Dogs Playing Pool Neon Picture



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Product Description

They can’t always play poker! Check out your favorite pack of wild hounds as they take up billiards in this Dogs Playing Pool Neon LED Picture, for sale right now! The bright green and blue lights shining from this smoky-cool piece of electric art will look perfect in any bar, man cave, or home game room. You’ll have that gritty, underground atmosphere that will make sure all of your friends or patrons will keep coming back for more drinks, 8-ball, and good times! It’s a great wall decoration for pool halls too – the bright glow makes for great advertising, pulling in people from the street. The Dogs Playing Pool Neon LED Picture is 36” x 24” and features hand blown glass neon tubing. Each of these neon LED pictures comes with an AC adapter, so they are ready to get your man cave going right out of the box! Get yours today!

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