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Drinkathlon Drinking Game

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Product Description

10 Drinking Events for Up to 20 People — Get Your Drink On

It’s time to create your inspirational pump-up playlists or bust out the good old classic mix tapes to get you amped, because here is the drinking event of a lifetime. You’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever take you down. And that’s because you’re a championship drinker. You’ll be physically and mentally prepared for the Drinkathlon, a sort of drinking olympics of epic proportions. Get ready to bring home the gold…or just a really, really bad hangover.

Multiple Sports, Multiple Ways to Get Wasted

Perhaps the part of you that needs the most preparation is your liver. You’ll be drinking like a champ across a variety of different drinking games that come in this keg-shaped container. Become a multi-sport athlete in no time, and you won’t even need true athletic skill, because let’s face it…the real winners are those who drink the most. So get ready to win it all!


  • 4 red shot glasses
  • 4 blue shot glasses
  • 1 mini-football
  • 1 ping pong ball
  • 1 rubber ball
  • 4 mini hockey pucks
  • 1 die
  • Instructions

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