Fart Candy


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Product Description

A Great Prank or a Great Way to Entertain Yourself With Farts

If you find your life lonely and quiet, and you’re looking for some self-provided entertainment, look no further than farts. Not only do farts sound hilarious, but when they smell bad, they can smell SO bad that you can’t help but laugh at how disgusting you are. Provide yourself with hours of entertainment with our Fart Candy. It looks and tastes like normal candy, but sucking and eating one of these will open up the floodgates to a fart-filled night of flatulent fun! Get yours now and start ripping ass with the best of them! If farts aren’t your thing, then try giving these to a friend as a prank — think “buddy going out on a really important date.”

  • Two candies in each pack
  • Candies may destroy whatever social life you have left
  • Farts are stinky

Additional Information

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Dimensions 3 x 6 cm