Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf


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Product Description

This Scarf is So Awesome it Should be Considered a Crime!

The winter can be a harsh, cruel time as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, but we like to think of it as the time of year to really get exciting and funky with fashion. This Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf is so bad-ass it’s almost criminal. The police may raise an eyebrow at first, but we’re sure that they’ll let it slide once they realize how cool you look.

This scarf is acrylic with a touch of spandex for some extra oomph. It’s just shy of five feet long and it comes rolled up and packed in a clear drum for handy display. This is an interesting twist on the age-old gift, so get yours today before the police find out what a great deal this is!

  • Almost five feet long
  • Made of acrylic and spandex

Additional Information

Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 4 x 5 cm