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Gigantic Piano Keyboard

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Product Description

This ingenious piano mat is the fun way to make music. Put it on the ground and let your feet pick out the melody.

It comes with seven different musical instrument settings and saves and plays back your performances and compositions. It is a fun and ideal way to get children interested in playing an instrument. No more do they have to get the correct posture on the piano stool before learning those fingering exercises, now they can just jump and dance around creating music as they go. But it’s not just restricted to the kids, it also makes for the perfect accompaniment to a grown ups’ party.  

 Comes with a selection of 7 different instrument tones : Piano , Saxaphone , Violin , Accordian , Trumpet , Harp , Xylophone and Guitar 

8 different musical settings

Measures a whopping 180cm by 80cm when laid out 

Record and playback features

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Dimensions 16 x 21 cm