Gourmet Bacon Lollipop Gift Set



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Product Description

Lollipops and bacon join forces to create the sweetest, most savory taste imaginable? Think you’re dreaming? Pinch yourself, because these suckers are real. This Gourmet Bacon Lollipop Gift Set comes with six delicious bacon-infused sticks of hard candy, coming in three smoky sweet flavors – maple, honey, and BBQ. You can enjoy the unmatched flavor of bacon even when you don’t have fresh strips frying on the pan thanks to the best lollipops to ever grace planet Earth. The only downside is once you’ve finished the first six, you’ll only be hungering for more. But, that’s OK. There are plenty of Gourmet Bacon Lollipop Gift Sets to go around.

I would try to convince you to buy yourself a Gourmet Bacon Lollipop Gift Set, but do I really need to? It’s bacon. In lollipop form. You just can’t go wrong with that combination. The collision of sweet and savory tastes will be almost too much for your taste buds to handle, as you enjoy possibly the finest piece of candy ever created by man. They’re even shaped like bacon, just to round out the experience and really get you in the right frame of mind. After all, there’s only one way to enjoy bacon – to the max. Do that with the Gourmet Bacon Lollipop Gift Set.


  • – Comes with 6 Delicious Bacon Lolipops!
  • – 3 Smokey Sweet Flavors! Maple, Honey & BBQ!
  • – It’s Bacon + Candy. Buy it Already!

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