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Hand Held Head Massager

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Product Description

Relieve Headaches, Tension, And Improve Your Circulation!

Soothe away stress and headaches with this simple head massager.The aches and pains of the day can be melted away in minutes as the gentle bead ended spines of this basic yet ingeniously effective head massager work on the pressure points on your scalp and neck.

The Easiest Way To Relax After A Long Day Of Work!

There’s no quicker or easier way to relax. Just hold onto the handle, or better still, get a friend to help out, and run it over your head to stimulate nerve endings to ease away tension.The soft, yielding bead ended prongs need no pressure to do their work. Just a few seconds of massage is enough to start you unwinding and after a minute or so you’ll be completely chilled out.

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