Metal Core Door / Wall Graphic Decals


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Product Description

Transform Your Room Into A World Straight Out Of A Video Game!

If you’re a gamer then there’s no doubt these decals will remind you of the thousands of doors you’ve opened in games like Half Life, Halo, Portal, BioShock or countless others. Now you can transform your life into a first person adventure with the incredibly realistic Metal Core Door Wall Graphic Decals! Each of these 3D Door / Wall Graphic Decals look like they came straight out of your favorite video game! The perfect way to change your room wall graphics into a video game room!

Bring Hollywood-Styled Production Straight To Your Home!

Looking to transform your boring old room into a big budget, Hollywood set? Turn your home into any sci-fi lover’s paradise by slapping a Metal Core Door Decal on your door in just minutes! It’s simple to apply, and will make your room look like it came stright from the set of any sci-fi, superhero or even zombie flick! If you’re looking for the coolest and geekiest way to decorate your room, you found it! And what’s best is they are completely removable from your walls and re-mountable anywhere because of the high quality vinyl material with low-tack 3M adhesive.

Choose From 4 Realistic Sci-Fi Designs:

    • Airlock – A space airlock that could be found on any space station or spaceship.


    • Armory – A hidden weapons arsenal stocked with state of the art fire power.


    • Freight Elevator – A futuristic elevator that could be found on any deep space mining faculty or transport cruiser.


    • Lab Door – Themed secret government laboratory door where everything from advanced weapons technology to hybrid genetic testing goes on.


  • Dimensions: 32″ x 80″
  • Constructed of vinyl and a low-tack adhesive (3M ScotchCal)
  • Can be mounted removed and remounted without damaging the door or the decal

Additional Information

Weight 2.13 kg
Dimensions 4 x 33.5 cm

Airlock, Armory, Freight Elevator, Lab Door