Monster Water Cannon w/ Tripod

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Product Description


  • Powerful water gun mounted on a tripod for better aiming
  • Shoots water up to 100 feet
  • Attaches to hose for unlimited water
  • Color: Blue/Black/Orange

Win Every Water War!

Every water war starts with a thrown water balloon and a small water pistol. Once battle has commenced it becomes a war of who comes back with the biggest artillery. The game goes up in levels, from pump action soakers, to super soakers, to water cannons, and last but not least, the mounted water cannon! This tripod mounted water cannon gives you deadly accuracy, power, and attaches to a hose for unlimited water. It will have your “enemies” running and leave you the victor!

Use Your Water Cannon’s Power For Good

You don’t have to cause pain and carnage with your water cannon. If it is water peace time around your house then help out around the house! This powerful water gun’s ability to attach to a hose gives you the perfect excuse to make watering the family garden fun! Turn your chores into a game and have them done in half the time! Is dad’s car full of bird poop? Win some points with him and clean it off! This gun is powerful enough to take out filth but it won’t damage the car. There are endless possibilities with this super useful, super fun toy!

Great Gift For The Kids!

90% of all water wars are started by kids, they are immature, overly energetic and we love them for it! Now when your little bundle of joy is sent off to war in the backyard, they will be prepared. Get them this and they will come out on top every time!

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