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Perverted Lawn Gnome

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Product Description

This Gnome is Flashing His Boner in Boxers

Lawn Gnomes are considered such happy, friendly little buggers. This is a common misconception. They’re actually rude, lewd, dirty little bastards with no manners whatsoever. This Gnome was caught in the act of being a dirtbag and frozen in time for you to show everybody just how nasty these guys really are. The Perverted Lawn Gnome rudely holds open his robe to show off his raging boner in his tiny little heart boxers, standing on a hill that says “Say Hello to my Little Friend.” Little indeed. Put that thing away, you filthy pervert!

  • Made of resin
  • Approximately 9.5″ tall

Additional Information

Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 7.5 x 10.5 cm