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Samurai Inferno Red Hot Watch

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Product Description

Slice Through The Darkness Like A Samurai Sword

Picture this, you’re in a dark bar or club at night, enjoying a few drinks with some buddies, and one of your friends asks the time. While your other friends try to tell the time on their traditional wrist-watches, struggling to see in the dim lights, all of a sudden like a sharp slice of light through the darkness, your watch comes to life and tells everyone that the party is just getting started.

Feel The Power of Sleek, Elegant Steel-Like Material On Your Wrist

The glowing red time is hidden away in the links of this watch, But as soon as you press the button on the Samurai Inferno Red Hot Watch, it comes to life for a few seconds before it covertly disappears into the darkness of the links. The Samurai Inferno will cut through the darkness with precision like a Japanese steel sword.

  • Case Thickness Approx .59 inches
  • Band Length 9.05 inches
  • Band Width 1.18 inches
  • Function Buttons
  • Time, Date, Year
  • Power: CR2016 (x1) pre-installed

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