Stag Beetle Paperweight



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Product Description

The first time you catch a glimpse of this bug, you might just be glad it’s dead, more than anything. I know I wouldn’t want to mess with those massive pincers. Of course, now that it’s inside this Stag Beetle Paperweight, this insect specimen becomes one of the weirdest, coolest decorations you’ll find anywhere. The stag beetle has been dried and preserved, so those creepy pincers won’t be fading away anytime soon! Your friends will all be in awe that such a bizarre creature even exists, let alone the fact that it’s sitting as a trophy on your desk! This bold paperweight makes a great gift for holidays or birthdays for the bug enthusiast in your life, too. So, get on the attack against boring home décor, and buy this Stag Beetle Paperweight, for sale now!

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