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SuperNova Lighter iPhone 5 Case

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Product Description

Electric Lighter Can’t Be Put Out By The Wind

A supernova has a temperature of about 100 billion Kelvin. While this case doesn’t get quite as hot, it does get hot enough to light things on fire without using gas or butane! When you have had a long day at work of phones going off, people yelling at you for minor mistakes and endless stress, you just want your smoke break. You don’t feel like dealing with even minor annoyances like the wind putting out your lighter. It’s just enough to be the last straw to send you over the edge. You just want that sweet satisfaction, why does the wind have to be jump on the dogpile that is your life? Luckily, the lighter that is built into this phone case is similar to a car lighter. It is heated up wire that can’t be blown out by the wind. No annoyance, no tipping point, no freak out. Just enjoy your cigarette and head back to attack the day!

Your Friends Won’t Pocket This Lighter

Ask any smoker what their biggest pet peeve with other smokers is. Almost all of them will say that they have lost more lighters than they can count to their friends. Every smoker has this instinct, the instinct to put the lighter back in their pocket after they are done with it. Smokers are creatures of unthinking habits and this is just another one of their annoying ones. This iPhone case has the lighter built right into it, your friends won’t have the same instinct to steal it that they normally do. Okay, “steal” is the wrong word, they won’t have the same instinct to mindlessly pocket something that doesn’t belong to them. That’s stealing isn’t it?

This Is One Lighter You Won’t Misplace

As a smoker, this writer can tell you that he’s had more lighters go through the washing machine than he can count. Lighters are cheap, inconsequential, and replaceable. It’s not surprising that they are often forgotten. You aren’t going to forget your phone as easily. Taking care of your phone is like taking care of a child, it requires responsibility. Now you can put these two together and never lose it!

No Need To Replace It, Just Recharge!

Lighters are normally disposable, this phone case’s lighter is rechargeable. You won’t have to buy anymore expensive BIC lighters. Sure, they’re most reliable, they also run out after a week or two. This lighter is always ready as long as you charge it when you charge your phone. It’s convenient, cool looking and everybody will be asking where you got it! Includes micro USB cable for easy recharging!

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