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SureTemp LED Faucet Light

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Product Description

Turn your faucet into a led faucet light show – Green Is Cold, Blue is Cool – Red Means Hot –

Tired of standing around your kitchen sink waiting for the water to heat up while it’s coming out of the faucet? Nobody likes to stand around! With the SureTemp LED faucet light, you’ll know the approximate temperature of the water just by looking! Using LED technology, the SureTemp attaches easily to any standard water faucet and automatically turns on when water is detected with the built-in temperature sensors.

With Easy installation, anyone can Quickly upgrade that dull sink with mood enhancing temperature sensitive colors in seconds — A Fun and Useful Kitchen Accessory!

If the water is at 32°F-86°F, the led light will show green. From 86°F to 95°F, the blue LED will activate. 95°F and above will show a red LED. Once the flow of water stops, the SureTemp Led Faucet Light automatically shuts off. Who thoughts pouring tap water could be such an enlightening experience?!

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