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Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Day of the Dead, I’ll give you a quick summary: it’s a Mexican holiday that coincides with All Saint’s Day, where the people celebrate their dead relatives and friends with feasts and festivities. One of the traditions is the calavera, or sugar skull – a colorfully decorated edible human cranium. It’s in the “spirit” of Dia de Muertos that we imprint our favorite sugary treats with these wild Sweet Spirits Cookie Stamps.

Turn Your Siesta into a Fiesta!

No one wants to throw a Day of the Dead party where everyone just sits around being bored and sad. Celebrate the glorious dead with tons of festive cookies that will get your guests up and excited to be part of the party.

  • Set includes four skull stamps
  • Each stamp features a different otherworldly design.

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