Tea Cupcake Molds


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Product Description

Have Some Cupcake With Your Tea!

Tea parties are for sophisticated people. Or so we’ve been told, we were never actually invited to one. When you think tea party, the following words probably enter your mind: Classy. Stylish. Elegant. Alice in Wonderland. British people. These parties are all about the tea, but there’s also food. Sometimes there are little bite-sized sandwiches. Sometimes there are tiny, bland cookies. But there’s never anything that you actually want to eat. That is, until the Tea Cupcake Molds came around!

That’s right, Tea Cupcakes. We found the perfect dessert for every tea party! Bake your next batch of cupcakes in these adorable baking cups which look like little cups of tea! Each of these molds are 100%-pure silicone cupcake molds so they are food safe and don’t melt. These also include 4 food-safe phthalate-free plastic saucers to place them on! Now your tea and dessert can match! These are the perfect molds for your little girl’s next birthday party!


  • – 4 oven-safe 100%-pure silicone cupcake molds
  • – 4 food-safe phthalate-free plastic saucers

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