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Timescape Sci-Fi Watch

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Not too far in the distant future, our brains will be huge. So huge that the current way of telling time will be considered an archaic, almost infantile way of our true reality. Our way of thinking will be in multiple dimensions across infinate universes. To help with your understanding, we have created the Timescape sci fi watch that requires just a slight bit of extra brain power that only a true sci fi fan actually has. If you’ve read the klingon dictionary from front to back, mocking those skxawngs who need a translator, or speak the Na’vi language to your enemies during a game of world of warcraft, then this sci fi watch is for you.

Combining Science Fiction with a stylish chrome timepiece, you’ll be sure to stand out amongst all your friends at the next comic-con when you adorn this on your wrist. At first glance, you might get distracted by your own reflection in the super shiny chrome face that is both futuristic and elegant. One tap of the button and the hidden lights burst into action; glowing blue pixies as a bright blue light from underneath the mirrors. When they settle down, you, and only you can read the time on this science fiction watch with ease, mocking those squirming in disbelief of their small brains.

So how does one read the time. The secret is quite simple for a brain as big as yours:

The sci-fi watch is a grid, with horizontal and vertical lines. The vertical lines are the hours with 12 dots in between each square from top to bottom. The horizonal lines are 5 minute increments, up to 12. 12 x 5 = 60. 60 minutes in an hour. The last row are four (4) 1 minute increments. So if you have 4 vertical lines, 3 horizontal lines, and 4 in the last column, the time is 4:19. Sure it takes a second to “get it”, but once you do, your brain power will increase to rival that of Q and the Continuum.

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