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TouchScreen Watch

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Product Description

This Futuristic Watch Responds To Your Touch!

The Touchscreen Watch is like something out of another dimension. Resembling that of a black hole surrounded by bright LED stars, it will have you saying “My God! It’s Full Of Stars!” in no time. But seriously, this watch is just plain cool. When you tap the center and watch the animated LED lights spiral to the correct time, you’ll be checking the time every few seconds to experience its utter coolness. Makes a great gift for any sci-fi fan or just someone who loves unique watches.

The Future Has Never Looked So Bright!

Everything from your computer to your phone nowadays is touchscreen, so why not have a TouchScreen Watch as well? This watch really is a sci-fi lover’s dream come true! It’s simple to use and read but awesome enough to intrigue your friends. If you’re looking for the coolest, most futuristic watch out there, try the TouchScreen Watch!

How To Set The Time

  1. Touch screen of the watch once to display the time. (The hour is the light which blinks, and the minutes are lit up around the watch.)
  2. Tap the screen 8 times then hold for about 3 seconds to enter the “settings” mode. The hour will blink white.
  3. Tap the screen to change the hour (it’s the bigger white LED light). Press until it’s set at the correct time.
  4. After setting the hours, hold the screen for 3 seconds to change the minutes. The minutes will blink blue.
  5. Tap the screen to change the minutes (the smaller blue LED lights). Press until it’s set at the correct time.
  6. Hold the screen to complete the time change.


  • Blue and White LED dots spiral the blackness of its center
  • Extreme Battery Life – It only uses power when displaying the time
  • Touch and Hold the screen to enter settings mode
  • Snakeskin texture black leather band with buckle clasp

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