U-Fizz Drink Carbonation Kit


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Product Description

  • Carbonate anything in minutes
  • Teach the kids how soda is made
  • Avoid the hassle of running to the store

U-Fizz Drink Carbonation Kits Make Your Drink Pop!

When you go to your fridge for a drink, sometimes you’re just not in the mood for standard. Apple juice, Orange Juice and a gallon of questionable milk don’t always cut it. You know you’re craving some soda but it never seems to turn up. Not to worry, just use the U-Fizz Drink Carbonation Kit at you can have soda whenever you feel the urge.

Show Your Kids How Soda Is Made!

This drink carbonation kit allows you to show your kids just how their favorite drinks are made. Every kid loves soda, so if you tell them that at the end they get to drink some, it’ll surely pique their interests. Just combine the vinegar and baking soda to carbonate your drink in minutes!

Works For Any Drink!

Don’t limit yourself to soda. There is no end to the drinks that this kit can carbonate. A list of them is unnecessary because if it’s a liquid, it can be carbonated. Just try all of your favorite flavors and beverages. Teach the kids and treat them afterwards!

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